在最新发布的2016北欧版《米其林指南》中,瑞典的“米其林”餐厅的数量增加了八家“米其林”餐厅。瑞典餐厅获得的米其林星星总数增长到28颗,排名北欧国家首位。其中,还有13家餐厅获得了Michelin Bib Gourmand评级,瑞典“北欧美食之都”的地位得到进一步巩固和提升。








为餐厅评分的米其林星级评分系统于1926年开始,Red Guide评选出46家杰出餐厅并授一星。1931年,Red Guide评选开始出现两星和最高荣耀的三星。







叉匙:以餐厅的表现,给予一到五个叉匙符号。五个叉匙代表Luxury in the traditional style、四个叉匙代表Top class comfort、三个叉匙代表Very comfortable、二个叉匙代表Comfortable、一个叉匙代表Quite comfortable。如果这家餐厅的环境特别令人感到愉悦悠闲,前面的叉匙标志就会用红色来替代一般的黑色。

人头标志此人头意指米其林推荐的地道小馆Bib Gourmand,提供不错的食物和适当的价格。




一颗星:A very good restaurant in its category.同类别中很不错的餐厅。

两颗星:Excellent cooking, worth a detour.出色的菜肴,一流的厨艺,提供极佳的食物和美酒搭配,值得绕道前往。

三颗星:Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.出类拔萃的菜肴,值得专程为此安排一次旅行。



地址: Lilla Nygatan 21, 111 28 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 20 85 80


米其林评价You’ll be welcomed into this intimate restaurant by name and seated alongside just 22 other guests. A large counter dominates the room – to really immerse yourself in the preparation process, sit at the bar. The set menu features top quality produce from around the world in some interesting combinations and each new dish is carefully developed in the test kitchen.

Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen/Matbaren


地址: S?dra Blasieholmshamnen 6, 111 48 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 679 35 84

MathiasDahlgren在斯德歌尔摩有两家餐厅,Grand Hotel里的Matsalen和旁边的Matbaren。食材的选料、配料、烹调、配酒都十分完美,强调食材本味与调味的平衡。Matsalen有两份菜单,自然厨房套餐八道菜(1900克朗,3250克朗包含酒水)和主题套餐六道菜(1900克朗,2900克朗包含酒水)。Matbaren因为是一星级,所以价格和一般餐厅差不多,从145:-到295:-不等。

米其林评价Matsalen:An elegant waterfront restaurant in the city’s top hotel, which blends striking architectural features with contemporary furnishings. From a 5 course menu come dishes that are light and focused on textures and natural flavours. Service is slick and unobtrusive, and natural wines are a feature. Book the ‘chef’s dining table’ for an interactive experience.Matbaren:Vibrant restaurant featuring stylish design furniture, where you can have anything from one course to a full meal. The concise, modern menu changes up to twice a day, featuring carefully crafted, perfectly balanced recipes with a simple yet playful style. Each dish is prepared and delivered within 7 minutes.

Oaxen Krog&Slip

地址: Beckholmsv?gen 26, 115 21 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 551 531 05

瑞典Oaxen Krog& Slip餐厅位于斯德哥尔摩Djurg?rden,由当地的船坞改造而成。Oaxen Krog餐厅新潮又工业复古的装潢设计非常迷人,古董剧院的椅子与沙发,工业味道浓烈的骨折灯,营造出简约又工业化的用餐氛围。最大亮点的天花板高悬的小艇,与餐厅船坞改造的风格相呼应,完美地点出了航海风主题。

米其林评价This rebuilt boat shed sits in a delightful waterside location. Diners are led through a secret door in Oaxen Slip into an oak-furnished room with a natural, slightly nautical feel. Choose 6 or 10 courses of ‘New Nordic’ cuisine: beautifully constructed dishes are allied to nature and the seasons – they’re delicate and balanced but also offer real depth of flavour.


地址: Humleg?rdsgatan 17, 114 46 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 611 12 10


米其林评价An unassuming fa?ade hides a very relaxed, friendly, yet professionally run brasserie, where ingredients are cooked in a wood-burning oven, over a fire-pit or smoked through a chimney using birch wood. Dishes are inventive but well-balanced – they are given their finishing touches at the stone bar.


地址: Kungstensgatan 2, 114 25 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 696 23 23

这家餐厅的特征可以用“浪漫、超现实主义、缀以自然元素”来形容。 在最新版的 White Guide 中(瑞典权威餐厅指南),Esperanto 荣获了瑞典最佳餐厅奖。 正如其名,Esperanto 不断搜寻世界各地美食文化的精髓。 一个评论人写道: “为趣味无穷的娱乐加入了少许幽默和颓废”。 这难道听起来不相当诱人吗?

米其林评价Understated, candlelit restaurant on the first floor of a converted theatre, boasting a striking curved ceiling. Expect creative, original yet light cooking where the flavours are well-defined. The 6 and 10 course menus mix Swedish and Asian influences. Service is professional and engaging.



地址: Artillerigatan 14, 114 51 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 662 30 60

Gastrologik是斯德哥尔摩餐厅的新起之秀,当代“新北欧”风格美食的绝佳范例 – 斯堪的纳维亚、自然、有机和创新。 没有固定的菜单,根据季节性食材决定菜品。 2013 年,Gatrologik 获得米其林指南授予的第一颗星。 Gastrologik 还有一个受人欢迎的子餐厅,名为 Speceriet,就位于隔壁,在Ostermalmstorg军事博物馆附近。

米其林评价This intimate restaurant is owned by two accomplished young chefs. Cooking is innovative, flavours are pure and each main ingredient is allowed to shine. There’s no menu as the dishes constantly evolve with each new delivery. Sit looking into the open kitchen or dine communally in the side room.


地址: Operahuset, Karl XII:s torg, 111 86 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 676 58 00


米其林评价Sweden’s most opulent restaurant is set in the historic Opera House; the stunning high-ceilinged room having 19C wood carvings, original frescoes and elegant chandeliers. Enjoy carefully constructed dishes underpinned by classical techniques, and a wine list boasting extensive vintages of the world’s great wines.

Sushi Sho

地址: Upplandsgatan 45, 113 28 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 30 30 30

Sushi Sho坐落在斯德哥尔摩闹市区Odenplan一条僻静的小巷里,菜单分为 OMAKASE 以及 OMAKASE + TSUMAMI 两种,前者提供大约10来种寿司。后者则在这基础上又加入了五道佐酒菜店里的大部分食材每周从日本空运来,除了wine以外,也有相当数量的日本酒。如果不能喝酒,可以考虑看看弹珠汽水ラムネ。人均265kr,提前几天预订比较好。

米其林评价With its white tiled walls and compact counter seating the room couldn’t be simpler, but the food is sublime. Meals are served ‘omakase’ style, with the chef deciding what’s best each day and dishes arriving as and when they’re ready. Top quality seafood from local waters features alongside some great egg recipes.



米其林评价Intimate and welcoming restaurant run by a young but experienced team. Cooking is natural in style, with the largely organic produce yielding clear, bold flavours – natural wines also feature. Ingredients are arranged in layers, so that each forkful contains a little of everything; choose 4 or 6 courses.

Brasserie Bobonne

地址: Storgatan 12, 114 51 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 660 03 18


米其林评价Sweet little two-roomed restaurant with comfy chairs, period floor tiles and a homely feel. The open-plan kitchen fills the room with pleasant aromas. The blackboard lists tasty, well-balanced dishes crafted from fresh ingredients. Menus are French-inspired, with modern touches and the odd Swedish influence.

Den Gyldene Freden

地址: ?sterl?nggatan 51, 111 31 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 24 97 60

餐厅位于瑞典首都斯德哥尔摩的老城的一个中世纪地下室内。它是瑞典最著名和最古老的餐厅之一,收录进吉尼斯世界纪录大全。自1722年开业以来,其环境几乎保持不变,为选定诺贝尔文学奖的瑞典学院所有。 传言声称许多诺贝尔将都是在学院的常用桌子上敲定的。 菜单提供用经典的瑞典烹饪方式烹制的名菜,如今也加入了当代有趣的菜品点缀。

米其林评价Dating back to 1722 and reputedly the city’s oldest restaurant. The Swedish Academy – who award the Nobel Prize for literature – meet here weekly. Two rustic, café style, candle-filled dining rooms. Good choice of refined Swedish dishes with modern influences, accompanied by a thoughtfully compiled wine list.


地址:Jakobsbergsgatan 15, 111 44 Stockholm



米其林评价Pass the EAT ‘Market’ fast food outlet in this upmarket shopping mall and head for the slick Oriental ‘Bistro’ with its rich, moody colour scheme and central cocktail bar. The name stands for ‘European Asian Taste’ and the Chinese dishes are flavoursome, well-executed and designed for sharing.

Lilla Ego

米其林评价One of the hottest tickets in town comes with a pared down look and a buzzy atmosphere; if you haven’t booked, try for a counter seat. The two modest chef-owners have created an appealingly priced menu of robust, satisfying, seasonal dishes. The ‘wrestling’ sausage will challenge even the very hungry.


地址: ?s?gatan 176, 116 32 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 702 12 22


米其林评价This modern restaurant offers great value. Drop in for Asian-influenced snacks in the bar or head through to the intimately lit dining room with its checkerboard floor for one of two set menus. Creative cooking blends Swedish ingredients with Korean influences; order 3 days ahead for the suckling pig feast.


地址: Sturegatan 19, 114 36 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 22 60 50


米其林评价Lively restaurant boasting smart, contemporary décor, a small counter and an adjoining foodstore; located in a chic residential area by Sture Park. Swedish ingredients feature highly – choose from the rustic, classically based dishes on the blackboard, the French-inspired à la carte or the house specialities.

Rolfs K?k

地址: Tegnérgatan 41, 111 61 Stockholm

电话:+46 8 10 16 96

Rolfs K?k的菜品注重传统与创新相结合,这里是肉食者的天堂。每周的周菜单午餐139kr,主食2选1,配一道热汤,值得尝试。晚餐人均400-660kr,非常合适。拥有敞开式厨房,制作过程一目了然。建议即使吃午餐也提前预定。

米其林评价Popular, buzzy restaurant in a lively commercial district, run by a passionate chef-owner. The contemporary interior was designed by famous Swedish artists. Sit at the counter to watch the chefs in action. Dishes include homely Swedish classics and blackboard specials; every dish has a wine match.

Ulla Winbladh

地址: Rosendalsv?gen 8, 115 21 Stockholm电话:+46 8 534 897 01

“乌拉,我的乌拉。”这是由 18 世纪吟游诗人贝尔曼所作的著名瑞典歌谣的开头。 歌谣是关于他的爱人乌拉温布拉德。 这个餐厅就与她同名,背后是深厚传统的延承,它位于优美、绿树成荫的 Djurg?rden 岛的中心位置。 这里全年提供瑞典传统的家制美食。人均278~755kr。

米其林评价Ulla Winbladh was originally built as a steam bakery for the 1897 Stockholm World Fair and is set in charming parkland beside the Skansen open-air museum. Sit on the terrace or in the older, more characterful part of the building. Traditional, hearty Swedish dishes include sweet and sour herring and fish roe.


地址: Viktoriagatan 12, 411 25 G?teborg, 瑞典

电话:+46 31 701 79 79

这是一家专做瑞典美食的高档餐厅。 菜单会根据季节和可以获得的食材发生变化,其中饮料也扮演着重要的角色。Koka提供的全部是斯堪的纳维亚的食物,其哲学是专注于本地产品。 专业侍酒师会为您献上食物和饮料的最佳组合。地下室里有热门餐厅的附属建筑,里面提供小型美食和各种各样的杯装葡萄酒。人均480~880kr。

米其林评价Kock & Vin has been reinvented as Koka, with wooden planks on the floors and walls and wooden furniture to match. Choose 3, 5 or 7 courses from the daily set menu; dishes are light and refreshingly playful in their approach and fish features highly. Well-chosen wines and smooth service complete the picture.


地址: Norra Hamngatan 10, 411 14 G?teborg

电话:+46 31 13 80 18


米其林评价A chic, contemporary restaurant with an elegant feel, passionately run by two well-travelled chefs and their charmingly attentive team. Top quality seasonal ingredients are used in innovative and imaginative ways, creating provocative yet harmonious texture and flavour combinations. Wine pairings are original.


地址: Adolf Edelsv?rds gata 5, 414 51 G?teborg

电话:+46 31 775 59 20

Sj?magasinet 餐厅是一家主打瑞典美食和乡村风格环境的旗舰店,提供一流的服务,海鲜非常新鲜。 餐厅在风景如画的克利潘海滨。由乌尔夫·瓦格纳经营,古斯塔夫 Tr?g?rdh(2010年度厨师)任主厨。 餐厅的建筑,其历史可以追溯到1775年,曾被用作东印度公司的一个仓库。 世界著名的明星,如布鲁斯·斯普林斯廷和 U2 也曾在 Sj?magasinet 用过餐。

米其林评价An East India Company warehouse dating from 1775; now a charming split-level restaurant with a lovely terrace and harbour views. Seafood is the strength, with classic Swedish dishes on the ‘Wagner’ menu and modern Nordic choices on the ‘Tr?g?rdh’ menu. At lunch they offer a buffet and a concise version of the à la carte.

SK Mat & M?nniskor

地址: Johannebergsgatan 24, 412 55 G?teborg

电话:+46 31 81 25 80

SK Mat & M?nniskor是完全开放的厨房,所有的原材料都是最新鲜的,每一道菜都是一道艺术品。

米其林评价The main focal point of this cosy restaurant is the completely open kitchen; not only can you watch the chefs at work but they also deliver your food. The effort put into sourcing and the reverence with which ingredients are treated is commendable and dishes are exciting and packed with flavour.

Th?rnstr?ms K?k

地址: Teknologgatan 3, 411 32 G?teborg

电话:+46 31 16 20 66

Th?rnstr?ms K?k 承诺每一位顾客在这里将拥有非同凡响的美食体验。 可以在优雅的餐厅中享受用精挑细选的地方食材做出来的现代瑞典美食。Th?rnstr?ms K?k 于 1997 年开业,它的菜单上有瑞典菜肴,菜式不但会根据季节变化还会受到欧洲美食的影响。 所有菜单和菜肴都配有合适的葡萄酒。

米其林评价An elegant long-standing restaurant with a stunning wine cave; set in a quiet residential area and run by a welcoming, knowledgeable team. There’s a good choice of menus, including 3 different tasting options. Precise, confident, classically based cooking uses top quality produce to create pronounced flavours.


地址: G?tabergsgatan 28, 411 34 G?teborg

电话:+46 31 20 21 61


米其林评价This passionately run basement restaurant has been a Gothenburg institution for over 30 years. The modern cooking showcases prime seasonal ingredients, skilfully blending French and Swedish influences to create intricate, flavourful dishes. There’s an exceptional cheese selection and an outstanding wine list.

Upper House

地址: 25, Gothia Towers, M?ssans gata 24, 402 26 G?teborg

电话:+46 31 708 82 00

Upper House,位于哥德堡最高建筑Gothia Towers的25层酒店里。凭借瑞典西海岸盛产顶级鱼类和贝类的天然优势,该餐厅依据季节提供新鲜并富含创意的精美菜肴。同时,Upper House也曾因其细致入微的服务体验在全球广受好评。

米其林评价Look out from the 25th floor over 360° of twinkling city lights. Start with ‘nibbles’ in the plush bar then watch your bread being cooked over a hot stone. The set menu offers elaborate, visually pleasing, flavourful dishes made with an abundance of fresh, local ingredients. Service is attentive and professional.


地址: Arkivgatan 7, 411 34 G?teborg

电话:+46 31 20 79 79

Familjen 餐馆是一家受西海岸影响明显的现代化餐馆。 这里的氛围非常友善,厨师的厨艺水平也相当高。每晚 Familjen 都提供 3 道菜的晚餐,原材料是瑞典西部最好的食材。 这里还提供基于经典瑞典美食的小型小吃。 Familjen 的价格非常适中。 餐厅的一部分需要预订,其他部分可以随机进入。夏季的时候,会在这里搭建一个户外露台。

米其林评价A lively, friendly eatery divided into three parts: a bar with bench seating and an open kitchen; a bright red room with a characterful cellar and a glass wine cave; and a superb wrap-around terrace. Cooking is good value and portions are generous; there’s an appealing wine, beer and cocktail list too.


地址: Lorensbergsgatan 8, 411 36 G?teborg

电话:+46 31 28 28 40


米其林评价A simply but warmly decorated neighbourhood bistro, with contemporary artwork and a cosy, friendly feel. Quality seasonal ingredients are used to create tasty modern dishes, with an à la carte and various tasting menus available. The wine list offers great choice and the service is charming and professional.


Ambiance à Vind?kra

地址: Vind?krav?gen 3, 218 75 Tygelsj?

电话:+46 40 23 92 39


米其林评价This is a delightful idyll: a romantic 19C farmhouse where beams, candlelight and a lovely log burner mix with modern art and an ultra-stylish open kitchen. It is charmingly run by an experienced chef-owner, and the talented kitchen serve a fixed 5 course menu which offers a blend of French and Scandic dishes, meticulously created using the finest ingredients.

Bloom in the Park

地址: Pildammsv?gen 17, 214 66 Malm?

电话:+46 40 793 63

米其林星级餐厅 Bloom In The Park 将现代欧洲厨房点缀一新,环境豪华而清幽。 俯瞰 Pildammarna,它隐秘在该地区最美丽的公园的绿茵之中,Bloom 如其地理位置一般出人意料。

米其林评价A restaurant with a difference: it has no menu and no wine list – they even make you guess what you are eating! Precisely cooked, boldly flavoured dishes use imaginative and original combinations of top quality ingredients. The pretty lakeside lodge has a cool, ultra-stylish interior and a waterside terrace.


地址: Tegelg?rdsgatan 5, 211 33 Malm?

电话:+46 40 57 97 50

这家餐厅希望能够在老西部的镇中央建一家小旅店。 他们只供应从 Scanian 土壤培育出的最新鲜蔬菜,加以现代烹饪技术,做出 Scanias 与众不同的季节美食。

米其林评价An understatedly elegant restaurant in a pretty 19C townhouse. Here, the eponymous Mats Vollmer showcases some of the area’s finest seasonal ingredients in a set menu of intricate and elaborate modern dishes, full of flavour and originality. Choose 4, 6 or 8 courses. Professional service from a charming team.


地址: Adelgatan 13, 211 22 Malm?

电话:+46 40 12 12 53


米其林评价A city institution, rejuvenated by the charismatic Anders Vendel. Original features like wood panelling, tall arched windows and an ornate mirrored ceiling add grandeur, while the lively rear area with its open kitchen adds a contemporary edge. Flavourful, carefully prepared Swedish dishes. Friendly service.


地址: M?ster Johansgatan 11, 211 21 Malm?

电话:+46 40 12 13 18

平心而论 – Bastard 是被讨论和浏览最多的一家马尔默餐厅。 在这个餐厅,动物的每个部位都会被完整保留,采用现代家常烹饪方法进行烹调,用餐环境舒适宜人。

米其林评价Popular with locals, this is a bustling venue with an edgy, urban vibe. Schoolroom meets old-fashioned butchers style-wise, with vintage wood furniture, tiled walls, moody lighting and an open kitchen. Small plates offer nose-to-tail eating with bold, earthy flavours; start with a Bastard Plank to share.


F?viken Magasinet

地址: F?viken 216, 830 05 J?rpen

电话:+46 647 401 77

F?viken Magasinet座落在耶尔彭田园牧歌般的郊外,设有自己的客房。主厨Magnus Nilsson崇尚自然,通常是根据季节就地选用食材,再配以天马行空的想象力烹饪,为客人提供独一无二的用餐体验。

米其林评价A unique dining experience in the idyllic setting of a remote hunting estate. The young, forward-thinking team hunt, forage and preserve the bounteous crop delivered by the surrounding land. Enthralling, adventurous cooking is rooted in the Scandic tradition; dinner for a max. of 16. Cabin-style bedrooms; a communal sauna with complimentary drinks and a tremendous breakfast.


Hotell Borgholm

地址:Tr?dg?rdsgatan 15-19, Borgholm, 387 31 ?land



米其林评价A bright, spacious hotel restaurant hung with vibrant art. The self-taught chef offers a set 7 course menu based around superlative island ingredients. Classically based cooking is technically accomplished, artistically presented and demonstrates a mature understanding of balance and flavour.

Sk?ne Tran?s

Daniel Berlin

地址: Diligensv?gen 21, 273 92 Tomelilla

电话:+46 417 203 00

位于斯科纳特拉诺斯(Sk?ne Tran?s)的家庭餐厅Daniel Berlin,在一座有着150多年历史的老房子里,每天只为5桌顾客提供菜肴,食材全部来源自自家农场。

米其林评价A delightful 150 year old house with a simple, rustic style is home to this charming family-run restaurant which serves just 5 tables. Dinner is a feast for the senses, with a surprise menu of 20+ stimulating modern dishes. Each is made up of a few beautifully fresh, natural ingredients, many from their own 3 acre garden and the surrounding countryside.


PM & V?nner

地址: V?stergatan 10, 352 31 V?xj?

电话:+46 470 75 97 00


米其林评价A formal hotel restaurant serving a set 5 or 10 course menu of sophisticated and original modern Nordic dishes. Their philosophy is based on ‘forest, lake and meadow’, and most of the ingredients come from surrounding Sm?land. An extraordinary wine list offers a huge array of vintages from top producers.